On being Reyner Banham’s Grandson


  • Oliver Arditi Suffolk, United Kingdom

Palabras clave:

Reyner Banham, enseñanza de la historia de la arquitectura, arquitectura posmoderna, arquitectura high-tech, pop art


In this essay I explore the experience of being Reyner Banham’s grandson, and relate my personal acquaintance of him to his work as a teacher of architectural history. I suggest that his pedagogy was of a piece with his social character, and describe the impact that spending time with him had on me, both in terms of my experience of art and architecture, and more broadly. I reflect on the great privilege of being able to continue my relationship with a family member long after their death, and of the remarkable insights into particular facets of art and architecture that my relationship to Banham conferred on me. I note the importance of the visual to Banham’s teaching and writing, and conclude by suggesting that while the experience of his teaching can only be approached through the recollections of his students, the striking images he left behind may help us to imagine it.



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Biografía del autor/a

Oliver Arditi, Suffolk, United Kingdom

‘Open’ (i.e. multidisciplinary) degree from the Open University MSc in Library and Information Science from Robert Gordon University. Post-graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from the Open University. Freelance musician and writer, and part-time public librarian. Suffolk, United Kingdom.




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Arditi, O. (2020). On being Reyner Banham’s Grandson. Registros. Revista De Investigación Histórica, 16(2), 201–209. Recuperado a partir de https://revistasfaud.mdp.edu.ar/registros/article/view/484